Parents, what do you think about Instagram for kids? It's apparently been in the works but Michigan's own attorney general has joined 44 others to urge Facebook to reconsider.

Instagram For Kids

If I may insert my own opinion here as someone who does not have children, I think it is a terrifying idea. We will dive into these statistics later but on the personal level, social media has absolutely shredded the self esteem of people even older than 13...why would we willingly let those under 13 do the same?

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On March 18, 2021, Buzzfeed News reported on it all after obtaining an internal company post between executives at Instagram.

The OG Instagram policy prohibits minors under the age of 13 from using the app; however, now Facebook and Instagram executives are planning to build a version for those under 13.

Part of their goals, as detailed by Buzzfeed News, is Instagram wants to curb abuse such as cyberbullying or predatory encounters between grown adults and teens/children. Apparently, according to Buzzfeed, the company would do things like make those accounts less visible when it comes to "Explore" pages and more.

The Concerns

Safety is a major concern on the line here. Just like kids will find their way(s) to platforms they are not well-suited for, so can predators.

Child abuse, child welfare and the simple fact that FOX 47 reports that just in 2020 Facebook and Instagram actually reported 20 million images of child sexual abuse.

Instagram and, parent company, Facebook have already admitted they need to do more to keep young people already on the platform safe, so they have a long way to go to make that even safer for an even younger crowd.

First, Buzzfeed cites Facebook's shortcomings with "Messenger Kids."

Of course, then Buzzfeed also outlines concerns about privacy, bullying and subjecting children to the incessant monetization of social connections.

When it comes to mental health, that's also at the forefront of arguments against the platform. For example, FOX 47 reports Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel cites research that rates Instagram as "the worst social media platform for youth mental health."

"It’s hard to imagine that this launch is about anything other than expanding the already lucrative Instagram franchise," Nessel said. "Introducing children to this social media environment poses serious threats to their security and wellbeing and I urge Facebook to reconsider its plans for this new platform."

Nessel Joins Other AG's

Turns out, Nessel is not the only Attorney General backing this fight against Instagram Kids, FOX 47 reports it is a whole bipartisan coalition.

Together, Nessel and the other 40+ attorneys general crafted a letter to Mark Zukerberg himself not only outlining all the various concerns around the project but also flat-out telling him the company's previous "failures" make them doubt the app could comply with laws like the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

CLICK HERE to read the full letter.

What Do You Think?

Part of us probably feels "well, the kids are going to end up finding a way anyways."

It is totally your prerogative as parents to decide or let your children decide if they want social media but it is now more important than ever to give them the tools and education to know what is safe and what is not.

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