Next Monday, March 25th, is Oberon Day in Michigan. Oberon Ale is a seasonal summer beer brewed by Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo. When the Oberon is released into the wild every year, it means spring is here and summer is not far off - so they hold a big celebration called Oberon Day. Many people gather at the brewery in Kalamazoo (or wherever Oberon is sold) to drink beer and celebrate the end of another Michigan winter and the coming warm weather.

This year, according to, to make sure you can join the fun, the executives at Bell's Brewing will write you an excuse via an online "excuse generator" - and SEND IT TO YOUR BOSS! (Or significant other) With an email with official Bell's Brewery letterhead.

Thank you, Bell's Brewery. The only improvement to this? Possibly a co-signature by a board-certified doctor. Maybe next year?


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