In March of 1966, southern Michigan was a hotbed of UFO activity. In the middle of March, there were sightings near the Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. On March 20th, some sort of flying craft showed up in Dexter, where they were seen by a LOT of people, including police officers from Dexter and members of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's department. They actually chased  one of the "objects" in their cars, down Island Lake Road, north of Dexter.

The next night there were numerous sightings, near a women's dorm at Hillsdale College.  All told, these sightings went on, all over southeast Michigan, for most of March, 1966.

The official government explanation (for the Dexter sightings at least) was "swamp gas". But the sightings were taken seriously enough that, then Michigan congressman Gerald Ford called for congressional hearings for an explanation. I've read about these specific cases my entire life and, as far as UFO reports, these were among some of the more well-documented cases. Here's a good timeline of what happened from

The Detroit Free Press recently sat down with Harry Willnus of South Lyon, a retired schoolteacher who doesn't buy the "swamp gas" theory. Me, neither.


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