The Michigan State University Police Department issued a warning to their Facebook followers this week regarding a recent scam that is targeting Michigan State University email addresses and job posting boards. According to the post, officials warn that part of the job application requires that a person provides their personal bank information for the scammer to deposit fraudulent checks into their account. Then, as is the case with most of these scams, the victim is asked to wire funds or purchase gift cards and forward those funds or the gift card number to the scammer. (This seems very similar to the phone scams we read a lot about in the Lansing area.)

If you've got a student headed to Michigan State this fall (or they're already there), you may want to remind them that no job requires payment via gift cards and Michigan State does not randomly contact people via email for employment. Here's the warning that was posted on Facebook by the Michigan State University Police Department earlier this week. It includes some additional tips on how NOT to get scammed.

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