Michigan State will play Middle Tennessee State University on Friday (at about 2:45PM) in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. But what do we really know about the Blue Raiders?

For one thing, they have a couple of alums in the music business you might be familiar with. Chris Young went to school there. As did Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. In fact, just last year, Hillary established a scholarship for "aspiring female music industry students" at MTSU.

So, I guess we can't really say anything mean about her......

And they're called the Blue Raiders, but their mascot is a blue horse with wings called "Lightning". The reason (from my research) is that they're proud of both their horse science program and their aerospace program.

So, now you're prepared if you get into a screaming match with Chris Young or Hillary Scott on Friday afternoon. You're welcome.

Go green!


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