During the pandemic it was stressful for everyone, especially for business owners. I understand how frustrated bar and restaurant owners were feeling about all the restrictions like curfew and limiting the number of customers in their establishments.

We are all so happy about restrictions being loosened up as the warm weather arrives in Michigan. Sitting outside dining is so fun, and we are all ready for it to resume and relax.

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Many folks have been supporting a restaurant in Flint. They rallied outside the owner's boarded-up business while she awaited release from jail for not listening to orders on  the coronavirus.

Some Republican lawmakers are defending Marlena Pavlos-Hackney while a line of her supporters stood outside her Bistro and Pizzeria. It's on the other side of a busy Holland road according to fox47news.com.

Instead of government helping entrepreneurs, “one unelected person can tell you you have to shut down,” said state Rep. Steven Johnson of Wayland. “If you don’t, they will throw you in jail."

The State regulators pulled Pavlos-Hackney’s food license in January for serving indoor diners and committing other violations related to preventing the spread of COVID-19. But the restaurant did manage to stay open. Then the drama continued when a judge had Marlena arrested. To her surprise she was arrested at a traffic stop on Friday.

The 55 year old was in contempt of court and was sent to jail until she could pay $7,500 and prove that her restaurant would stay closed without a food license.

I'm looking forward to getting back to normal so our bars and restaurants can recover from this mess. I will be going out and supporting many bars and restaurants this spring and summer.

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