You may have seen the story from Chris Tyler about the new girl scout cookie that is being released--the Caramel Chocolate Chip cookie. (Read his story here.) USA Today also wrote an article about the exciting new flavor that was going to be released. (Read their story here.) Well, unfortunately, there's a sad update to this story.

Since we have the smartest listeners in the world, we found out that the new ' is NOT going to be available in Michigan!! Here are some of the Facebook comments about the sad news:

Image courtesy of WITL staff
Image courtesy of WITL staff

We brought up the 'Girl Scout Cookie Controversy' on the air this morning and here's what we learned from April:

We also got several messages through Facebook regarding the 'Girl Scout Cookie Controversy' as well. Including one from Chris who basically said that he 'has a guy' (paraphrasing) and is getting a case sent to him. We also got a message from Tara who brought up the whole 'cookie mule' idea. (That's why Clint Eastwood is part of the picture for this blog post. He's the star in the new movie, The Mule, if you didn't know...which is a great movie by the way but I digress...)

For the record, if you're interested in getting your hands on some Girl Scout cookies, you can use their Girl Scout Cookie Finder by clicking here.


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