So, the windshield on my F-150 is cracked. I've got a big crack at the top and another at the bottom. (You can clearly see the bottom one in the above photo) Both go almost all the way across. Is it illegal? I don't think so.

According to

Michigan does not have any regulations concerning cracks, chips and other areas of damage on a windshield. However, other laws include:

  • Vehicles must be in a safe operating condition that does not endanger the driver or others who are on the roadways.
  • Law enforcement can stop any vehicle that they deem as being in an unsafe condition on the roadways, which would include any chips or cracks in the windshield that prevents the driver from seeing clearly.

If the court would indulge me, I contend that my windshield cracks do not "endanger the driver or others who are on the roadways".

In late breaking news - we'll talk to Clinton County Sheriff Larry Jerue and get his take on the situation, tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 7:35.

UPDATE - after speaking with Sheriff Jerue on Wednesday morning, I've been informed that my windshield could be considered "defective equipment". If stopped, I could get a "repair and report violation" and be given ten days to fix it. Worst part? My wife was right about this. See you at the windshield repair shop.

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