Because of the CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) and bovine tuberculosis problems in Michigan, in 2019 there will be NO baiting of deer in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. In Mid-Michigan, baiting has been illegal for the last couple of years. And, even when we COULD legally bait for deer, the limit for bait was two gallons in any one spot.

According to, some hunters near Ludington, in Mason County, decided to test the rule and got caught when the Michigan DNR saw their bait pile - FROM SPACE.

The DNR got a complaint last year about the bait pile (this is why we play nice with the neighbors) The DNR checked into it, saw the bait pile on Google Earth and followed up with a friendly visit from officers on Opening Day (ooh, that had to hurt) where they actually told the hunters they been nailed by a satellite.

So, the DNR has their own "Elf On a Shelf" - always watching. You've been warned.

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