Are you tired of the time change?

Well, according to MLive, the Michigan House voted earlier this week to keep the state on the same time schedule year-round.

If Congress allows it, daylight saving time will be eliminated. However, there are two options on the House Bill 4052, sponsored by Rep. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, should lawmakers move forward with the bill.

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On Tuesday, the House voted 87-22 on the bill. In order to become a law, the bill must pass the senate and be signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

You can read the full story on the bill on MLive's website.

Why get rid of daylight saving time?

Some individuals are looking to end the time change. So we would no longer "spring forward" in March and "fall back" in November. Meaning, the state of Michigan would be on the same time schedule year-round. says that 40% of countries worldwide use DST to take better advantage of the daylight.

This isn't the first time lawmakers have attempted to eliminate daylight saving time. It has been a topic of discussion in the past but has never made its way through the legislative process in Michigan.

What are your thoughts on eliminating daylight saving time?

Personally, I would be okay with ditching daylight saving time. I think it's difficult to adjust to the time change. My body and mind are extremely tired for a few weeks. I almost feel like by the time I get used to it, we're changing the clocks again.

According to, there are some negative side effects from daylight saving time. Studies show that there's a drop in IVF success rates and an increase in heart attacks, stroke, depression, and more.

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