An Oak Park family was devasted after their dog Barkly went missing four years ago. They had given up all hope and figured they would never see their little guy again.

That same family is now in disbelief after getting a call from someone that said they found their dog.

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How did the dog end up missing?

The family believes that Barkly slipped out of the yard somehow and was taken by someone. They searched frantically for him and posted on social media but all they found was a dead end.

With every passing year, they realized he wasn't coming back.

How did they find him, after all that time?

The family recently received a phone call from a veterinarian in Mount Clemens who said they had their dog that went missing four years ago. They were in total shock and couldn't believe it.

Thankfully they had their dog microchipped and that they kept it activated. That is truly the only reason they were able to be reunited. About a year ago they were asked if they wanted to keep the chip activated and after a bit of contemplating, they decided to. Smart move on their part.

They say they wish that Barkly could talk so they could get answers to his whereabouts for the past four years. The only thing the veterinarian could tell them was that a man brought the dog in for a checkup and that's when they checked his chip and realized he belonged to someone else.

Source: Fox 2 Detroit

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