To be honest, I don't know if they give you a gold medal if your dog wins this thing. But they should.

A dalmatian from Haslett, named Kaeleb, is currently ranked No.1 in the nation, in the sport of dock diving. According to the Lansing State Journal, this weekend, Kaeleb (and his owner/trainer, Donna Colt) will be competing in the National Dog Diving Championship in Orlando.

If you've never seen this sport, the trainer throws a toy into an above ground pool. The dog runs after it down a 40-foot "dock" and dives into the pool. The dog that jumps the furthest distance, wins. So far, Kaeleb's longest jump is 24 feet. That's a long way. YOU try that some time.

Donna graduated from Michigan State, so - another Spartan is going for a championship.

Go Green,

Here's the story.


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