is reporting the number of confirmed or suspected cases of CWD in Michigan deer has hit thirty (since 2015), as testing continues from deer harvested this season. So far, from deer tested this season, the DNR reports only one positive case of CWD in Clinton County and none in Ingham County. Looks like the bigger problem is in Montcalm County right now. However, thousands of deer heads (including mine) sit at Michigan State, waiting to be tested. The buck I took the day after Thanksgiving, in Clinton County, has already tested negative for Bovine TB, but the results for CWD are "pending", with this message: Due to a temporary shortage of CWD testing kits, CWD test results may be delayed beyond the usual 1-2 week timeframe. Thank you for your continued help and patience.

I have no problem waiting for the results, if it means we can get to the bottom of this.

And I know I've posted this before, but, though there's been no reported cases of CWD in humans, as a precaution, the Centers for Disease Control is recommending that you don't consume CWD infected venison. I know most of us were under the impression that as long as you cooked it, there wouldn't be a problem. That might be true, but I'm not taking any chances if my deer comes back positive.

As they say, stay tuned for updates.


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