I see a lot more road-kill coyotes these days, even though it's been a few years since I've seen any live coyotes (it's always been during deer season). But, there was one spotted this past week in the parking lot at the Jackson Walmart. And it looks like they've taken a liking to the Detroit suburbs these days.

According to MLive.com, a homeowner in Novi is asking for the local police to get involved after she lost her dog to a coyote attack. Debbie Oppat says her Maltese dog was dragged out of her yard by two coyotes on Saturday afternoon. Debbie says she's seen a lot of coyotes recently in her neighborhood and they've gotten more aggressive.

I know we have a ton of coyotes near my neighborhood in DeWitt (I don't hunt more than ten minutes away from my house), but I haven't heard of anyone's dog being dragged off. Do the coyotes around me just have too much wild food around that they don't care about the pets? Anyone reading this lose a dog or cat to a coyote recently?

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