In Los Angeles, the variety of food is un-ending. From the pricey restaurants in Beverly Hills and up in the hills surrounding Hollywood, to the menus in the local communities of Koreatown, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia and Thai Town. Not to mention all the food from south of the border.

Apparently, the exotic taste in food extends to the wilder residents of Southern California. And I'm not talking about Miley Cyrus.

Last Thursday, Killarney, one of the Australian koala bears at the L.A. Zoo, went missing. According to the L.A. Times, they found some of Killarney's fur outside her enclosure. Then they found what was left of Killarney. Some-THING had obviously removed Killarney from behind the eight foot walls that surround the koala bear enclosure. And the staff thinks it was P-22, a mountain lion who lives in Griffith Park, right next to the zoo. They don't have PROOF, but they do have trail-cams set up in the zoo that show P-22 roaming around in the zoo that night, soooo.....

The interesting thing is that P-22 (and his friends) lives in the middle of almost 4 million people and is rarely seen except on trail-cams. Hmmm, could there be a few more than we thought in Michigan?


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