So as quick as it came the Detroit Lions beer is gone according to

This is what was going to happen and hopefully may still will.

We all have our favorite beers. I find myself going back and really enjoying beer that my father drank. I was in Chicago over the weekend and enjoyed a Chicago favorite "Old Style." Some of the other ones I remember are Schlitz, Stroh's, Hamm's and Falstaff.  Some are still around. These days there so darn many to choose from. Light, dark, low carb, craft, and all kinds of flavored beer. You can go crazy trying to find one in the liquor store cause the menu is endless.

Well now Detroit Lions fans have a beer they can enjoy.  Check this out from

Enter Eastern Market Brewing Co., which has been debuting new and tasty beers left and right from its Detroit location and its Ferndale Project taproom this year. At the Lions-Panthers game Sunday,  they announced  "Same Old Lager," a crisp, 4.5% alcohol-by-volume lager. The can has an 8-bit version of legend Barry Sanders on the label with a Tecmo Bowl football field backdrop, which will surely catch the eyeballs of any Lions fan.

Plus keep in mind that moderate beer drinking can be healthy says beerconnoisseur .com. My own doctor told me once that if you're only gonna have one beer a week it should be a dark beer like Guinness.

I don't drink as much beer as I used to, mostly because it seems to fill me up quicker than it did when I was younger.

So what's your all time favorite beer?

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