Today marks the first day of winter and we've already got summer on the brain. When I think about hard seltzers, I think about warm days on the lake, how about you?

HOMES brewery in Ann Arbor created the ultimate summer beverage, a hard seltzer smoothie called "Smooj." It currently comes in two flavors, strawberry banana and piña colada! They also have another flavor in the works. They come in 12-oz. cans, just like most of the hard seltzers we're used to and it's 5% ABV.

What do you think the new flavor will be? I'm thinking something citrus.

HOMES is known for their fruity beers and in 2019 decided they wanted to make their own seltzer. But not just any seltzer, they wanted to break free from the norm. That's when they came up with "Smooj" and started working on it in March, just after the pandemic hit. The first can, which was passion fruit flavored, was released in June and sold out in hours.

These seltzers are packed with fruit and have a creamy consistency. I checked out some of the reviews and there's been nothing but positive comments.

If all hard seltzers were like this, id drink them all the time.

Maybe it's just me, but when I first read the name of the seltzer, I thought of the movie "Holes" and the jar of fermented peaches Hector Zeroni ate that he nicknamed "Sploosh." I think it would be pretty cool if that's where they got their inspiration from.

Have you already given "Smooj" a try? We'd love to know! Download the app and send us a message.

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