The bill to lift the ban on baiting for deer during Michigan's hunting season has passed through the Michigan House and Senate, getting final House passage yesterday. According to ClickOnDetroit, the bill now faces one final hurdle - it has to be signed by Governor Whitmer.

She says she'll veto it.

Baiting deer is illegal in the entire lower peninsula of Michigan and in parts of the Upper Peninsula. The Michigan DNR instituted the ban due to concerns that deer gathering in spots that were baited, were transmitting Chronic Wasting Disease. The argument FOR baiting is to make it easier for hunters to take higher numbers of deer, hopefully taking out more infected deer. Plus, there's a contingent that thinks this ban is bringing down the already falling numbers of deer hunters in Michigan.

I'm sure part of this is purely political. I'm sure the Governor is a little hesitant to go against the advice of a state agency like the Michigan DNR. And if she doesn't sign the bill into law, I'm sure this story isn't over.

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