It is so enjoyable to get up in the morning and escape to a sunny beach for the day. With the warmer weather coming, it's exciting to think about it. The warm sun beaming down on you, a cold drink, and a nice long swim with your family and friends.

I have been living in this state long enough to know that Michigan beaches are awesome and beautiful. There are some that really get your attention, especially if soft sandy beaches and relaxing is your thing.  Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes, so there are miles of shoreline for you to explore. Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Superior are a gift we have to take advantage of this year.

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Here are some to check out this spring and summer from

Upper Peninsula Beaches and Twelve Mile Beach are a few others to explore as well.

So are you ready to get some sun this spring and summer?  I sure am ready to get some Vitamin D the natural way.  Plus don't we all look better with a tan?

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