Like you, I have a very busy schedule. I am not complaining by any means. Sometimes it's hard to get out to explore and try new things. Have you ever wanted to do something but have procrastinated and put it off forever even though your adventure was right across the street? That's my story about the Meridian Township Farmer's Market. I have lived in Meridian Township for 4 years and had never been there until recently. I wish I had gone sooner, this place is awesome.

Right out of the gate, here are a few things I liked about the Meridian Township Farmer's Market. First, the parking was easy and there was plenty of it. Second, the vendors are covered. It was nice to have shade when we were walking around. Third, the vibe. It was chill, kind and people were smiling. We could all use a dose of that. Fourth, there were so many different types of vendors. From candles to meat, you'll have lots of options to shop.

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There's one thing I definitely learned. I need to get to the market early when they open or shortly thereafter. That's when the best selection is available.

The Meridian Township Farmer's Market is located at 1995 Central Park Dr. in Okemos. It's situated on the north east corner of the parking lot at Meridian Mall. The market is open on Saturday's, May thru October, 8am - 2pm. The market is open on Wednesday's, June thru October, 3pm - 7pm.

If you want live music, the Meridian Township Farmer's Market has you covered. Last year when I drove by on Wednesday evenings, the market was packed with people dancing, laughing and having fun because they have live music on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm. Live music returns in 2022 at Meridian Township Farmer's Market from 6pm - 8:30pm, check out the performance lineup, there are some great acts scheduled to perform.

Smiling faces can be reasons to visit. When you combine smiling faces and cool products you've got the recipe for an experience. I had a blast talking to a lot of these vendors.

Meridian Township Farmer's Market [PHOTOS]

Meridian Township has an amazing farmer's market. Check out some photos of my visit below.

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