For many years there has been a landmark that stands on Clem & Alice Romenesco’s front lawn along M-35 a few miles past the Menominee city limits towards Escanaba. One resident, Fred Ahlborn, said it reminded him of a BOMARC missile. The former news director/DJ at WGON/WQXO back in the early 70’s said this is one of the coolest roadside attractions he's run into, as he snagged a picture of it:

One year I just HAD to get a photo…so we kept looking…looking (all the places looked the same with cottages toward the lake, big front lawns, etc)…looking…suddenly THERE IT IS…and went. We turned around and I walked over to it and snapped this photo about 15 yrs ago.

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This seems to be some kind of Yooper missal defense system, as one person commented. Although it's received a new paint job, the rocket still stands there to this day, although nobody is quite sure why it's there or what it's supposed to commemorate or mean.

Unfortunately, the owner of the property Clement passed away in 2000. He had married Alice Baumann of Mackville on November 2, 1933, and were able to celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary before his passing. Settling in Kaukauna, he worked at Thilmany Paper Mill until purchasing a farm in 1942. At that time, he also built his own livestock business which he operated as a dealer and shipper for forty years. In 1957 they moved to Appleton at their present address where he owned and operated the Appleton Meat Packing Company, and in 1963 built the Romenesko Mobile Home Park. Clem retired from the livestock business in 1980 and continued to operate the mobile home park until 1996.

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