Growing up I can remember some teachers that really had a positive effect on my life and were a big inspiration to me.  Back then, and even now they do so much for our kids and help shape their lives.

Many of course are not just a big influence, but also dig into their own pockets for our kids. Plus they don't get the credit they deserve and most are often underpaid.

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Well, I think this is so cool, and kudos to Meijer for helping out teachers who work so hard.  According to Meijer stores are stepping up their game with their annual teacher discount to now include officer furniture and kids' clothing.

This Is a Big Savings For Teachers

On Tuesday they said they will offer 15% off on more than 1,500 items that teachers need at its 257 stores throughout the Midwest. How cool is that?  Love it!  Things like paper, pencils, folders, notebooks, desks, bookshelves, frames, lamps, and much more.

Teachers proved to be heroes as they adapted lesson plans and extended the classroom into their homes during the pandemic,” said May Graceffa, Director of Back-to-School Merchandising for Meijer. “The upcoming school year may require flexibility, so finding a way to further reduce stress on their pocketbooks as they consider their own homes and families for the first day of classes led us to expand the offerings covered by this year’s discount.


Here is How to Get Discount

So if you are a teacher or know one here is how to get the discount which comes as a paper coupon.  All they have to do is show a current school ID at their local Meijer Customer Service desk.  Great news and let's give a big thanks to all our teachers who shape our kid's lives and give so much.

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