Whether you eat meat or not, you have to admit it's pretty cool seeing all of the new products companies are coming out with. I remember back in 2013, when I stopped eating meat, plant-based foods were just starting out. And if I'm being honest, they were barely edible. I tried a tofurkey that year for Thanksgiving and haven't eaten one since. But the plant based industry has come a long way and it's a lot easier for people to enjoy.

McDonald's is the latest fast food restaurant to hop on the plant-based band wagon with the McPlant. Which is good news for vegans and vegetarians because I just read the other day that people are protesting Taco Bell's menu changes and their decision to remove potatoes. Which I have to admit, I myself am still upset about. I'm never going to enjoy a spicy potato taco or fiesta potato again. 2020 has already been a rough year. Read the room Taco Bell.

There's several reasons why people are going more plant-based. Whatever reason, the choice is yours. I don't eat it for various reasons. As a kid, I was never a fan of meat and mainly because of it's texture. But there's also some dietary reasons. However, I still eat fish sparingly. If you cut me open, I'm 70% sure sushi rolls would come tumbling out.

What are your thoughts on plant-based burgers? Do you love them? Do you hate them? Let us know! Download the app and send us a message!

If you're looking to try out some plant-based burgers, there's a list of Lansing restaurants below serving them.

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