Let's face it, the odds of winning Mega Millions or Powerball are in the millions yet it does not stop folks from playing. I tend to play the lesser odds games with smaller jackpots to increase my chance to win.

Well, the odds of winning Michigan's shot to win sweepstakes was pretty high too, but it was free to enter, so of course, you and I took a chance and entered.  Never really dawned on me that I could win... and I didn't.  The cool thing about it was that it was free to enter.  You just needed to have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine in Michigan.

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Who's The Winner?

There was a very lucky man in Okemos named Brandon Ebright who beat the odds and became $50,000 richer on Monday thanks to a COVID vaccination and the state's MI Shot to Win Sweepstakes according to fox47news.com.

He got his shots on July 26th with his wife. When he was asked to enter he said sure, why not?  He said he just thought it was a joke because he did not hear much about it.

He said he did not plan on getting it, but his family and parents got COVID. He then decided it was time.

Here is How it Happened

Then the phone rang telling him he was a big winner.

"At first, I didn’t answer because I thought it was a scam," Ebright said. "So, I was like I am not answering, because I just got a scam call recently before that. Then I answered it and he was like ‘is this Brandon Ebright and just wanted to let you know you won $50,000,’ and I was like wow really? Swear to God."

So happy for him and all the winners. Plus they did their part to keep everyone safe.

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