Leaving the state for a vacation can, oftentimes, be very expensive. But, you don't have to leave the state of Michigan for a unique stay thanks to this Airbnb.

As seen on Tiktok, this Airbnb in Williamston comes with:

  • a work out room
  • private spa which includes a sauna, hot tub, and pool
  • access to the tennis courts
  • outdoor grill
  • bikes are available for use if needed

All for $230 a night.

Now, there's one queen-sized bed and one couch. Technically, you could bring a party of 3 and be comfortable. However, what an incredible weekend this would be with your significant other (hint, hint if mine happens to read this).

Truth be told, this looks more like a hotel than a private Airbnb. But, why take my word for it? Take the tour below:

This Airbnb Comes with a Private, Indoor Pool, Sauna and Hot Tub

If you're looking for a unique stay within the state of Michigan, check out this Airbnb.

The above-mentioned Tiktok also gives you a quick tour of this Airbnb:

Booking availability for this Airbnb is, already, pretty limited. If you're interested in experiencing this destination, you can find all available nights on the Airbnb listing.

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