If planning for your retirement means winning the lottery, you might want to buy some tickets for this week's drawings. The jackpots are growing.

Like many, yes I am planning on being a lottery winner. That way I will be able to retire, someday. I don't know why I only buy tickets when the jackpot is pretty high, not like I couldn't get by on 3 million dollars.

tonight's drawing for Lotto 47 has grown to it's largest in 10 months.

Putting tonight's jackpot at an estimated $25 million dollars, and yes, that would make for a nice nest egg for retirement. (HA!)

Lottery officials are saying that this jackpot is so big it has never been larger.  The last winner was back in February, and the lucky  winner who was from the Detroit area, won $23 million dollars. That drawing is at 7:30 tonight, oh and good luck.

Now the Mega Millions jackpot is HUGE. The drawing was last night and no one matched all the numbers and got the gold mega ball for the $86 million dollar jackpot. That means that for Saturday nights drawing the Mega Millions jackpot will be upwards of $97 million dollars, or $75 million if you win and want to take the cash option.

I decided to ask around at work and find out what my co-workers would do with that kind of money. What I found interesting is that the majority of men I asked said that a new car would be their first purchase, a very expensive new car. It is fun to daydream about what you would do with that kind of money. For me I would build a family compound lake side on Higgins Lake, and drive up there in my expensive new car.

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