I like trivia. And game shows. And stuff like that.

I will watch just about any game show where there are questions that need to be answered to win. You may already be aware if you've read any of the other articles I have written on the subject that my favorite game show is Jeopardy. And yes, I continue to watch the reruns on News 10 and wait until everyone can get back in the studio again to produce some new episodes.

Now, I don't see that happening any time soon because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I'll be good watching the reruns.

Speaking of trivia, I know people who used to go out every week to the bars that were featuring it and play DJ Trivia. If you're not familiar, a DJ will show up and ask trivia questions. Some people play alone and others form teams. After each question is asked, the DJ plays a song that can have sometimes something to do with the correct answer. So it's not as rapid fire of a game as you'd see on TV because there is roughly three minutes each time a song is played for an individual or team to submit their answers to the DJ. Obviously, the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. The prize is usually a gift certificate to the bar where they are playing or something like that.

And just like Jeopardy and all the other games and game shows, DJ trivia is pretty much on hold until we can make some sense out of this pandemic.

However, if you like trivia there is a way that you can play for a good cause. News 10 says that the Michigan Department of Treasury is holding a virtual movie trivia night this Tuesday (August 18) to raise money for tuition to help kids who have been a part of foster care to attend college.

See? A good cause indeed and it sounds like a lot of fun. Get more information and tickets too at the News 10 website.

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