If you follow their Facebook page or have seen any of their fun Facebook posts, you might agree that this sounds like something that would come from the Bath Township Police Department. Unfortunately, it's not from our friends in Bath...it's from our friends in Kentucky instead.

According to a post on their Facebook page, the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice is currently looking for volunteers to get drunk as part of the field sobriety training. Participants will drink regulated amounts of alcohol including bourbon, vodka and rum and then will be tested by Basic Training Academy recruits. People who participate in the training will also get a free meal and $100 for their help! (They've already have thousands of volunteers...shocker!)

Check out their Facebook page and all the fun comments by clicking here. I'm not sure if volunteers from other states can participate. Feel free to ask them though. You can call Brooke at 859-622-6453 or email docjt.duitraining@ky.gov.

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