As a Michigander, I am a part of a multitude of different "Michigan" themed community Facebook groups.

Michigan-Themed Facebook Groups

Some of my favorites include the Lansing Foodies Group, 517 Community Greater Lansing Area MI Hub, and Michigan History. And these are just a small sampling.

But I want to bring your attention to one of the newest groups I joined; Day Trips in Michigan. I was inspired by THIS ARTICLE about day trips you can take in Michigan, and I wanted some more inspiration on fun trips that can be had throughout the Mitten State.

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In this group, people post pictures and details about all the unique places they go to throughout Michigan, allowing others an inside lookout at the fun that can be had on a Michigan day trip. Basically, a whole Facebook Group dedicated to checking things off of the proverbial "Michigan Bucket List".

Two Lansing Stores are Some of the Most Extraordinary in Michigan

Imagine my surprise when not one, but two Lansing spots popped up on a recently featured video of "5 Extraordinary Stores to Check out in Michigan".

The video gave love to...

Preuss Pets in Old Town

Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview
Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview

and Horrocks Farm Market on Lansing's westside.

Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams/TSM Lansing

Check out the video HERE.

Our two cool Lansing stores joined the ranks of Tummy Ache Candy Store, Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland, and Storybook Village of Pentwater.

I think living in Lansing, we can come to think of places like Preuss Pets and Horrocks Farm Market as normal, everyday places. When in reality, they are extraordinary, and it's very cool to see them get some love on such a large platform.

So if you're looking to add a bit more magic to your day, maybe stop by Preuss Pets or Horrocks Farm Market. And if you're in the mood to check out the other extraordinary offerings throughout Michigan, check out the Day Trips in Michigan Facebook Group.

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