A woman in Lansing needs your help in finding some items that were mistakenly donated at the Volunteers of America on Cedar Street this weekend. The bags were white and had red draw strings and were donated along with other white garbage bags that had green drawstrings and Great Value written on the bag. The green draw string bags had little girls clothes in them. The two white bags with the red draw strings that were donated by accident contained some men’s clothes and photo albums.

According to the woman whose bags were donated by accident, the associate at Volunteers of America said that since they didn't have a dock person available on Sunday, the bags were likely picked up. The bags that were donated by mistake were dropped off between 3pm and 5pm Sunday, November 18th at the back door of the Volunteers of America on Cedar Street in Lansing. If you or someone you know picked up the bags with the men's clothing and photo albums, please contact Chelsae Minnick at 810-221-2145, or email chelsaeminnick@gmail.com.

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