What is roadside ready you ask? It is probably something you have heard about since you started driving. You parents might have put a blanket, flashlight, road flares, and jumper cables in your car. All of which are good to have. You never know when you are going to need them. Snacks are a good idea too, but make sure you swap those out from time to time. Just because that Twinkie in your kit from 2018 can survive a zombie apocalypse, doesn't mean you want to eat it.

steven lewis
Steven Lewis

I stopped for gas, got back on the highway, my clutch went out, and I spent a few hours waiting on a tow. Did I mention it was in the middle of high volume traffic? I didn't need my blanket, flashlight, flares, or anything, but the situation got me thinking.

We are not too far from another Michigan winter. According to Michigan.gov, 10% of all traffic related fatalities involve roadside emergencies. The site also has some helpful info to deal with most roadside situations.

I feel like a school teacher going over things we have heard before, but maybe it helps someone. We do a lot on our phones. Make sure you have a charger. One that works. If you are sitting in snow, it doesn't help to have a dead phone. You also want to check your insurance. A lot of companies offer free towing on their policies. I know my tow is free up to sixty miles.  I guess it never hurts to be prepared. Now if only my roadside assistance would pay for my new clutch.

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