Did you have a favorite board game growing up? Mine was Clue, and actually still is.

How cool would it be to bring Clue to life and attend a murder mystery party? I know a few people that have thrown one or attended a murder mystery work event. Shoot, there's even movies with the same theme.

Well, I have some good news but of course it comes with some bad news.

I'll give you the good news first. I came across an 80s themed Murder Mystery Dinner happening this fall. The bad news, it's in Gaylord, Michigan.

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I mean, I guess two hours isn't that bad of a drive, but it's still two hours. If you're interested in going, you have time to plan your trip because the event isn't happening until October 23.

Find more information here.

Murder Mystery Dinner in Lansing

If I had a big enough house and the resources, I'd throw us all a party. If you're interested or you're in charge of your works next big event or maybe someone's birthday, why not throw a murder mystery dinner?

I know, it sounds complicated and like it requires a lot of time and effort but that's what The Murder Mystery Company is for!

Your party will have a theme and everyone will dress up to match the era or genre. During the party, a fake murder will occur and everyone has to work together to solve it.

So, yes, it's basically Clue brought to life. If you're up for it, you can start planning your party here.

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