It all started back in November when I received a message from Mary Turner who works for the Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine. The message read something like "Hey, Stephanie, can you contact's regarding featuring you in our magazine?"  My first thought was...why would anyone want to put me in a magazine? My second thought was, why would anyone want to put me in a magazine?

Well, I said "yes" and the rest is history. Alicia Finch, one of the writers for the Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine came into the radio station in January and interviewed me. During the interview with Alicia, I got to talk about some of my favorite things including fun things we've had the opportunity to do at work, my family, Air Supply, the Detroit Tigers and more. A few days later, Mary came into the station to take some pictures for the article. Mary had mentioned earlier that I was going to be on the cover of the magazine but it must not have registered because half way through the photo shoot she again reminded me that I would be on the cover. (Yikes!)

Anyway, I can't say thank you enough to Alicia and Mary and the group at Capital Area Women Lifestyle Magazine for the great article and photos. If you haven't grabbed a copy yet (or seen the giant photo of me) they're available throughout Mid-Michigan. (Click here to see where you can grab a copy.) There's also a digital issue that you can check out on-line by clicking here. I also have to say thanks to my partner in crime, Banana Don, for participating in all the fun. He even stood out in the snow with me for one of the pictures! :)


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