I think it’s fun when churches get creative with their signs. Here are a couple of examples of fun church signs that I have seen recently in the South Lansing/Holt area. The picture above is at the St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on Amwood (new Target) in Lansing.

The picture below is from the Holt Seventh-day Adventist Church on Holt Road in Holt which I drive by every day. With the rain, freezing rain/wintry mix, thunderstorms, fog, wind and snow coming today and tomorrow, I can't wait to see what these churches put up next on their sign! If you've seen some fun church signs, please pass them along!

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie McCoy Images
Photo by Hugo Philpott/Getty Images

By the way, let me explain the photo above so you won't have bad dreams...This is a picture of Father Michael Elfred, a church minister in Sandown, England. He was helping to inflate the world's first inflatable church which stood 47 feet tall and could hold up to 60 people.