You'll probably be able to leave your coat and scarf at home tomorrow because Lansing is going to see some pretty unseasonably warm temperatures. In fact, they are so unseasonably warm that we might see the high temperature record get broken!

The record high for February 27th, which was set alllllllllll the way back in 1867, is 64 degrees, according to Wunderground. According to the National Weather Service, our high for tomorrow (Tuesday, February 27th) is estimated to get up to 57 degrees; so not too far to go to be a record breaker! I'm just glad that we won't be seeing a record low tomorrow... The lowest recorded temperature for Lansing on February 27th was 20 below zero back in 1994! BRRRRRRRR!

We'll keep you updated with the Wittle Weather Forecast all day tomorrow, so just in case it DOES break the record, you'll be the first to know!

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