An executive directive and an executive order were signed earlier by Mayor Andy Shor, adjusting a few of the restrictions that have been in place due to COVID-19.

“The City of Lansing will once again offer in-person programming at community centers, as well as hire to fill vacant positions to ensure that we can appropriately serve Lansing residents,” Mayor Schor said. “It’s vital that we work together and adjust to all health and safety guidelines that are in place while we work on opening City facilities.”

There was a hiring freeze that started back in April of 2020, which has been lifted from Executive Directive 2021-01 will rescind Executive Directive 2020-02.

An open position with the City of Lansing Human Resources Department can now begin their normal hiring process of any vacant positions.

Another Executive order will allow for the Gier Community Center (opening June 21st), Foster Community Center (opening on June 14th), and the Schmidt Community Center to once again reopen. As of today, the Shmidt Community Center is going to reopen immediately, according to WILX.

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"The City of Lansing will continue to adapt and make changes as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Andy Schor and I have worked together to implement necessary safety precautions since he issued an EO to declare a State of Emergency in March of 2020, and now we have agreed to allow that order to expire in July,” The Council President, Peter Spadafore said.

Other facilities in the area are still going to remain closed to the public, unless by appointment.

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