The 214-foot long cargo steamer, John V Moran, sank in February 1899, when it struck ice, somewhere off Muskegon, in Lake Michigan. And even though the temperature was 30 below, the John V Moran sank slowly and a sister ship was in the area and the entire crew made it off safely.

According to, that was the last anybody saw the Moran. Until this June, when a team from the Michigan Shipwreck Research Association found the ship on sonar in 365 feet of water. Since then, a robotic submersible has been sent down to take photos.

The John V Moran is not only one of the deepest shipwrecks ever found in Lake Michigan, but veteran shipwreck hunters say this one is in "perfect condition". According to Craig Rich, a co-director of the MSRA, "there's even glass still in the windows."


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