We're getting close to mushroom hunting time here in Michigan, but here's a scary story: a lady in Spain has died after eating morel mushrooms. Or did she?

Of course, there's nothing better in late spring than some fried Michigan morels and a couple of "adult beverages", unless what you picked weren't really TRUE morels.

According to LiveScience.com, the 46-year old woman, who had eaten morel mushrooms at the Riff restaurant - (a Michelin starred restaurant - so, it's fancy) in Valencia, Spain, passed away early this week after exhibiting signs of food poisoning. Her husband and son were also treated for food poisoning, but they appear to be recovering. There's been some speculation that what she may have eaten were FALSE morel mushrooms, which can be poisonous. Almost thirty other people reported getting sick after eating at the same restaurant last week, but this woman was the only fatality.

FYI - false morels have a wrinkly look on their caps. True morels have a more "honeycombed" look to their caps and hollow stems.

Good luck mushroom hunting this year - and be careful out there.


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