I have to admit that I was excited to get the email yesterday from the Kohl's CEO with the subject line "Michigan Kohl's stores are now open: A message from our CEO on our new store environment."  If you remember, it was way back on March 19th, that Kohl's joined the long list of retailers that temporarily closed their stores due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In their email yesterday, they noted that there will be some changes to your shopping experience at Kohl's. First of all, they're going to have a dedicated shopping hour every Wednesday from 10 am from 11 am for customers who are age 60+, customers who are pregnant or customers who have underlying health conditions. They're also going to have reduced store hours. According to their website, the Kohl's in Okemos and the Kohl's on the west side of Lansing will now be open every day from 11 am until 8 pm. If you do some shopping soon at Kohl's, you'll see that all of their workers will be wearing masks and there's going to be hand sanitizing stations and social distancing markers throughout the store. Some other changes include wider aisles, the beauty testers have been removed and they've closed their fitting rooms. Here's the video they included in their email.

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