Batman Begins and Dawson Creek Star Katie Holmes is rumored to tie the knot in Michigan this February.

We all remember when Katie was wrapped up in that odd Scientology marriage to Tom Cruise.  Now, It looks like Holmes has found love and she wants to start a new family ASAP a source close to Holmes told Women's Day Magazine,

Katie is so in love with this guy, she’s chattering non-stop about marriage and baby names right now.

Holmes allegedly asked friends who would be willing to quarantine for 2 weeks in order to attend an "event" that she wants to host in Michigan next month.  Yes, Michigan.  Holmes purchased an amazing home at Devils Lake just about half an hour Southeast of Jackson, Michigan.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Gossip Cop reports that a source close to Katie's camp says that this wedding will be stunning,

It will be the most stunning wedding, her house looks like it’s been trucked in from the Kennedy compound, and given it’s the middle of the winter it will be a snowy wedding wonderland.

Important message to non-Michiganders about winter time in this winter wonderland.  You can't depend on the calendar for a weather forecast.  It could be 62 degrees one day in February.  Then the next day it'll be a blizzard.  Don't get your heart set on beautiful snow.  Not to mention, you don't really get lake effect snow in that part of Michigan.  Which lessens the amount of snow as well as the chances of getting snow.  I don't mean to rain on your wedding day.  But I totally understand that the Dawson's Creek star doesn't wanna wait.  See what I did there?

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