Jackson’s Underworld, the famous Four Story Extreme Haunted House is celebrating a decade of scares.

The well-known structure located at 1318 Wildwood Avenue in Jackson has been a destination for thousands upon thousands of Mid-Michiganders over many Halloween seasons who want to experience heart racing thrills, terror and just a spooky time.

The house is known for it's top-notch animatronics (think things like you'd see at major amusement parks) and props. At four stories and 45-thousand square feet, Jackson's Underworld is also one of the largest haunted houses. It's over a mile long and if you're planning to visit Jackson's Underworld, you will want to expect to get through the attraction in about 45 minutes, give or take.

Also featured at the Underworld's Wildwood Avenue location is Psycho Vision 3D, which is an actual 3D Haunted house with creepy clowns.

You can get more info and tickets too at jxunderworld.com and check out the photo gallery above of the outside and waiting area inside of Jackson's Underworld. I didn't get any photos inside the actual Haunted part of the House. Nobody wants to hang around ghosts and monsters long enough to get a picture. I was too busy trying to get away...

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