We always hear about "Spring Cleaning" every year, but what about a good "fall cleaning?"

If anything, that might be even more important because as the leaves begin to cover our yards and then that dreaded "s" word...SNOW...things can get buried and forgotten about for months which is exactly why the City of Jackson wants to help make that fall pre-cleaning a bit easier on its residents.

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When, Where and How the Cleanup is Happening

According to MLive, the event is free and open to all residents in the City of Jackson and is set to be from 9 AM until 2 PM on Saturday, September 18th.

"Residents are asked to stay in their vehicles and drive through the drop-off zones," which are located at the Department of Public Works Operations Center (521 Water St.) MLive reports. "Cars should enter using the intersection of Water and Morrell streets and exit using Franklin Street."

Acceptable & Unacceptable Waste Items

According to MLive, items that will be accepted include:

  • Yard Waste - grass clippings, brush, etc.
  • "General household trash" - boxes, furniture, etc.

They also give a few examples of things that are not going to be accepted such as:

  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Kitchen Garbage
  • Paint/Liquid Waste
  • Appliances (that contain/have contained Freon)
  • Electronics
  • Motor Oil
  • Etc.

If you have any further questions you can consult the City of Jackson website and their other means of contact.

Why These Events Are Important

In a press release about the cleanup from The City of Jackson, they note a statement from City Public Information Officer, Aaron Dimick who said their two previous cleanups in the spring were successful in removing trash and yard race around the city.

Specifically, Dimick said, "Events like this help residents in making sure properties look their best."

I think too, it goes the city just looking good but it also is a safety thing as well as an environmental thing too!

It is great to see the City of Jackson providing free and accessible opportunities for people to get it all taken care of.

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