With the winter weather in full effect, I do not want to be fed up while I am driving this year.

In my opinion (and hopefully yours too), there are five drivers that are always causing issues in the snow.

Are you one of these bad drivers?

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The Five Worst Winter Drivers In Michigan

Snowy winter in the city. Cars stuck in snowdrifts during a night snowstorm

We are going to start easy!

1. The Peeper

If you have ever been a peeper, shame on you!

A peeper is a person who will only clear a small area on their windshield after a huge snowstorm.

It is essentially just enough for them to see directly in front of them and nothing else!

Stay clear of the peepers at all costs!

2. The Snow Slider

These people are not as bad as The Peeper but they still are hardheaded.

While they always clear their windshield off, The Snow Slider will NEVER clear off their roof!

Unfortunately, for the people driving behind the Snow Slider, the snow will always come off the roof. It is either a dusting or a chunk of ice and snow.

They love balancing towers of snow on top of their vehicles, but caution should be used when driving behind them on entrance ramps.

First Winter Storm Of The Season Hits East Coast
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3. Four Wheeler Speed Racer

The Speed Racer will think that their four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle makes them a superhero.

Since they have a little speed, they should not have a problem going over all of the icy roads faster than Speed Racer himself.

They are easy to spot since they are most often in a large SUV. You will most likely spot them in your rearview mirror tailgating you.

4. The Turtle

You can guess what The Turtle is when it comes to driving in the snow. They are the complete opposite of the Speed Racer in the worst ways.

Whenever the Turtle is forced to be on the road, they will always be the slowest car on the road.

If you have any Turtles in your life, suggest or call an Uber for them. We do not need them on the roads anymore.

Winter Storm Dumps More Snow On New York City
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5. Silent Ninjas

As the name suggests, the Silent Ninjas will never be seen coming. LITERALLY!

Since they never have their headlights on, Silent Ninjas move in silence through every snowstorm.

Do you know any of these terrible drivers? Are you any of these terrible drivers?

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