It is never EVER smart to swim in the Grand River.

However, many people have done it.

I bet they will not do it anymore once they see what creature is in the Grand River.

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What Are "Dune: Part 2" Alien Creatures in Grand River?!

Have you heard of a sea lamprey?

If you have not, you have been blessed. However, you will be scarred once you see what they look like. I am genuinely sorry for this.

Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation is celebrating National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

In their effort to highlight invasive species in Grand Rapids, GR Parks and Rec highlighted the sea lamprey in an Instagram post.

"Although there are many helpful native species that call the Grand River (also known as Owashtanong) home, there are also destructive invasive species. One of the most destructive is the sea lamprey. Sea lamprey are parasitic fish that kill native fish in the Grand River. It's estimated a single sea lamprey can kill up to 46 pounds of fish during its parasitic juvenile stage."

Isn't that insane?

"With the changes happening in the Grand River, it’s important we continue to prevent sea lampreys from travelling further upstream, past the existing 6th Street Dam. As part of the in-river restoration projects, a new lamprey barrier will be constructed to replace this aging structure. This ensures protection against invasive sea lampreys remains a top priority."

But what are sea lampreys?

Sea Lampreys


The National Ocean Service says that,

"The sea lamprey—an ancient Atlantic fish that wreaked havoc on the Great Lakes—may be America's first destructive invasive species."


However, GR Parks & Rec are working on monitoring the sea lamprey population in the Grand River.

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