Redfin compiled the 10 most snowiest cities in the country. One of Michigan's very own cities has made it to the list for an accurate reason.

If you’re considering moving to a new area but aren’t sure where to choose, we’re here to help. Whether you like warm, sunny cities year-round and are making a list of places to avoid, or love a cold and snowy winter, Redfin has compiled a list of the snowiest cities in the U.S. to help you move with confidence. Read on to learn more and discover if one of these cities is right for you.

Can you guess which city it is?

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What Michigan City Is The 8th Snowiest City in America?

Honestly, I would have to fully agree with this observation!

Drumroll, please...

snow in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the 8th snowiest city in the country.

Redfin shared that something that all Grand Rapids natives understand is the reason for the snow.

That lake-effect snow is something different.

Grand Rapids, MI, is the eight-snowiest city in the U.S. Similar to many other cities on the list, the city sees most of its snow from lake effect storms. Grand Rapids is just to the east of Lake Michigan, meaning if cold air is blowing from the west or southwest, snow is likely to fall in the area. However, these wind patterns usually only last for around 12 hours at a time, meaning the region sees much lower snowfall totals than the top spots on this list.

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Redfin also added that the average cost of buying a house in Grand Rapids is below the national average.

Buying a home in Grand Rapids will cost an average of $280,000, below the national average. And if you’re thinking of renting an apartment, the monthly rent price for a one-bedroom apartment averages $1,250.

The 10 Snowiest Cities In The Country

Snowy winter forest scene

At least we're not New York, who is on here multiple times!

  1. Syracuse, New York
  2. Erie, Pennsylvania
  3. Rochester, New York
  4. Buffalo, New York
  5. Duluth, Minnesota
  6. Flagstaff, Arizona
  7. Anchorage, Alaska
  8. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  9. Worchester, Massachusetts
  10. Portland, Maine

Do you agree? You can check out the full list here.

10 Snowiest Cities In Michigan

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