Why is everyone losing their minds?

While I am excited to see the eclipse, I did not think it would cause such an uproar.

What is the reason people are freaking out about the eclipse?

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What Is Happening On April 8th?

On April 8, 2024, Michiganders will be witnessing a near-total solar eclipse.


The solar eclipse will begin at 1:58 pm and reach maximum totality around 3:14 pm.

It should end with a final partial eclipse at 4:27 pm.

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Why Are People Freaking Out About The Eclipse?

I was extremely confused when I saw warnings about collecting a lot of food before the total solar eclipse by state agencies in Texas and Ohio.

Should Michigan be worried too?

Here is the problem: tourists. Michigan residents are about to see a BIG surge of travelers who are coming here to see when the eclipse will reach totality.

Because of these visitors, there will be issues with the food supplies dwindling for around a week.

It could become very difficult to find basic necessities a few days prior and a few days after the total solar eclipse makes its way across Michigan.

This is not a world is going to end type of situation but there is a practical warning that hundreds of thousands of people will soon be invading much of Michigan, Illinois and other surrounding states consuming all of the food.

So play your cards right! Make sure you go to the grocery stores or any store to pick up the essentials that you need WELL before the tourist come.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Info for Various Michigan Cities

A total solar eclipse will darken the skies over Michigan on April 8, 2024. Weather permitting, here's what to expect the eclipse to look like over several Michigan cities.

Gallery Credit: JR