From tiny New England towns in Maine to charming Midwestern cities with Amish horses & buggies, Hallmark movie holiday backdrops are real-life experiences across the country. With or without the snowfall, these towns are like something out of your favorite Rom-Com.

BestLife has put together a list of the Top 10 Small Towns you'll want to run away to that have full-on Hallmark movie vibes to enjoy. Much like the movies they inspire, these towns are perfect for "stepping away from life" and enjoying some downtime with a magical backdrop.

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One town on the list, in particular, happens to be right here in Michigan and is no stranger to being a hot spot for visitors not just during the winter, by all year long. Petoskey, Michigan is a popular "Up North" resort town that sits on the shore of Little Traverse Bay, a bay of Lake Michigan with a population of around 5,877.

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Although Petoskey is the place to be during the summer months, it definitely shines during the winter with all its charm even after the Hallmark holiday season is over.

"In the winter, there is plenty of snow everywhere, and the downtown is beautifully decorated for the holidays," said Pam Howard, owner, and author of the travel blog "Our Adventure is Everywhere".

On a recent visit she noted, "light, fluffy snow started falling," and she told her travel companion that it felt like they'd stepped into a Hallmark movie according to the BestLife write-up. 

"There are dozens of adorable shops, several comfortable coffee shops, and plenty of delicious and cozy restaurants," Howard adds. "You can also explore nearby ski resorts for a 'wintery vacation feel'. Grab a hot chai latte at Roast&Toast and wander into the nearby bookstore to browse after spending a morning on the slopes. In the winter, the town has 'Hallmark movie' written all over it!"

Although the snow has been on the scarce side here in mid-Michigan, a Hallmark winter scene is waiting for you Up North in Petoskey.

See the full list of "10 Small Towns in the U.S. That Feel Like You're in a Hallmark Movie" here.


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