The "Michigan Left" was invented in the 1960s according to MDOT.  8 Mile Road and Livernois Avenue around Detroit was bottle-necking horribly.  They decided to alleviate the issue with what we now know as the "Michigan Left."  It worked.

Now, all around Metro Detroit the Michigan Left is an expected standard.  You're not waiting at a main intersection (8 lanes wide?!) for someone to make a left -- or sitting through 20 light cycles due to traffic volume.

Since this works so well in Michigan, you might wonder if it exists anywhere else in the US (or world)?  It does!  They started popping up in the 2010s around New Orleans, Boise, Idaho, Alabama, Arizona, Utah and my favorite Columbus, Ohio... (only my favorite because there's something "Michigan-themed" inflicted upon any Buckeye fans on the road

McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

As far away as Australia and the United Kingdom their drivers are utilizing the "Michigan Left."  Although, They call it a "P-Turn" in each of those countries.  Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong have Michigan Lefts, too.

Here in Flint and all around Michigan it's easy to complain about all-things traffic-related.  While the Michigan Left annoys people on a regular basis... consider each of those intersections could be Round-A-Bouts?!?! Or even worse, a Traffic Diamond or "Diverging Diamond Interchange". You can see that here.

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Around Genesee County, Michigan Lefts could solve some of the massive delays we encounter on Miller Road, Saginaw Street near Grand Blanc High School, maybe even Hill Road at The Point and near Meijer/US-23.  Let's hope for these vs more Round-A-Bouts (considering how many people love those)!  <--Sarcasm!

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