Well, here's a new incentive to hit the slopes. Michigan's Mount Bohemia is ranked one of the "Top 10 Ski Resorts" across the United States and Canada, and now may officially be the first resort to offer free skiing to people who purchase weed.

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The popular ski resort, located near Copper Harbor in the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Upper Peninsula, is making the unique offer in conjunction with  Lume Cannabis Company.  As far as we know it's the first of its kind when it comes to "specials."

According to reports, starting Thursday, January 26, the resort will offer free nighttime skiing from 3 to 8 p.m. for showing a receipt with purchases totaling $50 or more from any of the Lume Cannabis Company locations. Ski enthusiasts can take advantage of the deal every Thursday through March 2nd.

Both Mount Bohemia and Lume know the partnership may seem a little unusual, but both are hoping it's a win for all involved.

“It is a little unusual, but we work hard to get rid of that stigma that cannabis has,” Jeff Verlinden, U.P. area Lume Cannabis manager told Mlive. “With Bohemia being the most advanced ski resort in Michigan, we thought it would be a great partnership because the majority of skiers there are adults. People are used to going to the ski lodge to have a cocktail after skiing. We’re trying to show them there’s other options out there as well.”

Mount Bohemia is equally excited about the unique collaboration with Lume which has 30 locations throughout Michigan.

“We’re excited for this partnership with Lume to allow people to have a free night of skiing,” Lonie Glieberman, president of Mount Bohemia, told MLive. “Things have been going well so far this winter. Our bookings are way ahead of last year even though we haven’t had the same amount of snowfall. We foresee a great second half as February is expected to be very snowy.”

It's pretty much the norm to see ski resorts across the county have partnerships with beer and liquor companies, so maybe this "first" could be the new wave of the future.

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