How many scam texts do you receive in a week? Per day, I get about at least one or two, and less and less robo-calls.

But, what if I told you scammers are getting crafty and smart about how they are trying to get your information, especially your money!

New Texting Scam Hitting Michigan

It should always be a rule of thumb, to not respond to texts or emails sent to you, unless you know the sender. Especially if a link is sent with the email or text, that should instantly raise a red flag for you.

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In fact, scammers are looking to get more personal with you today, and a lot of people are falling for it.


If you get this, DO NOT Paste That link !! Scammers - “The US Postal team wishes you a wonderful day” smh
byu/Kooky-Swan293 inUSPS


The text comes across as if you have a package heading your way (who doesn't now-a-days) when in all reality you do not.

This is where scammers are starting to get crafty...

Have A Wonderful Day - OR Not!

Scammers are getting crafty, and working on adding emotion into their texts to you when they're trying to get your information.

It gets worse too!

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Canva Pro

By responding to a scammer, your basically opening up the flood doors. They know you will respond and will definitely be hitting you up again for more!

One Reddit user, claimed they never responded to a scam, but think a job put them on a list.  

byu/Kooky-Swan293 from discussion

Protect yourself out there, and always double check before responding to an unknown number. 

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